Our services have been developed to maximize the independence of people with disabilities and are provided without regard to race, color, age, national origin or disability.

Homecare Includes:

Personal Care – Designed to provide people with disabilities or illness with the assistance necessary to meet the basic personal care needs of daily living. These activities would include Bathing, Dressing, Shaving and Skin Care, Toileting Needs, and Assistance with Ambulating.

Respite Care – Provides temporary relief from the responsibilities of caring for an individual with a disability or illness. Respite Care is planned, intermittent, short-term, substitute care designed to provide supervision and companionship, in the absence of the client’s primary care giver.

Homemaker Services – Provides for light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry and running errands.

Social Worker Services – Licensed Social Workers help clients and families to solve social, emotional, and financial problems, which may impede recovery.

Habilitation Specialist – Assists children or adults with physical or mental retardation and developmental disabilities to become more independent.