The convenience factor in owning an automatic garage door opener is one of those little treasures many of us take for granted. While it can be easy to forget the days where the car would be left running while your passenger ran out to manually lift the unit open, it’s important to recognize the value of being able to obtain access to this storage area at the push of a button. However, this can be quite apparent when your remote electronics give way, and a new remote must be installed. In this article, we will outline the installation steps to get you back on track.

Step 1 – Once you’ve obtained your new remote and are ready to begin the installation process, be sure to remove the remote from the casing and make sure all parts are included in the packaging. Additionally, you should be sure to at least take a quick glance through the operation manual, so you have a basic knowledge of what you’re working with. Every system will be a little different. Knowing what to expect is half the battle.

Step 2 – Make sure the unit is shut securely before moving forward with the install. This will prevent any unnecessary injury while programming the unit, and is a rule which should be abided by whenever work on the unit is taking place.

Step 3 – Pop your batteries into the remote. The amount and type of batteries can vary per model. While many models come with batteries included, you may want to head out and purchase your own just to be safe. Many manufacturer batteries tend to fail after only a short span of time. Being prepared with your own set helps to ensure your remote will last for a much longer span of time.

Step 4 – Locate the “program” button and press it. This button is commonly found under the cover of the universal remote. Access to the button is typically gained by sliding open a section of the cover. Depending on the type of remote, an LED light may illuminate to show that the button has been pressed properly.

Step 5 – On the opener, press the “learn” or “smart” button. This will be commonly located in the area of the opener system found in the middle section of the ceiling. Some units require the removal of the light lens in order to gain access to this function.

Step 6 – With your remote, aim it towards the “smart” or “learn” button and press the open button a specific number of times. The exact amount of times will be specified within the accompanying manual.

Step 7 – Next, hit the “program” button on the remote itself. This will tell the remote that the process has been finished.

Step 8 – Test your new remote! At this point, it should be working. When in doubt you may want to call in a garage door repair Anaheim CA professional technician to help evaluate the situation further. He or she will best be able to solve the issue along with any additional problems that may be apparent with the door